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Wind energy is one of the potential energy that can contribute significantly to the electrical energy needs. Generating wind energy is pollution free. The wind can blow in the morning, afternoon and even night.

Whenever the wind blows, wind turbine can convert and save them into electrical energy and wind turbine investment ratio was quite low. So here we provide a reference for you about the wind turbine, only in Aelos.

Aeolos wind turbine is a leading manufacturer of small wind turbines in the world. Aeolos wind turbine has a big name for 20 years working in the world, Aeolos built by thirteen companies and plants in seven countries. Aeolos wind turbine has built an international reputation in the world in a small wind turbine industry since 1986.

wind turbine experts in Aeolos with good technology skills have managed to make the propeller a very effective so that it can capture wind energy in the low speed though. With average wind speeds lower than Aeolos products, able to compensate generators installed and optimally designed to rotate at low wind speeds

Currently, Aeolos products have been widely used in the U.S., Canadian, British, Italian, Spanish, Danish, German, French, Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique and more than 60 countries and regions.

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