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All new cars have at least one year Car Warranty and free service for a minimum of one year as well. Even European automakers such as BMW create inclusive services for 5 years and up to 50,000 mileage limitation km (whichever is reached first). Now his question, after Car Extended Warranty runs out, where we have to service our favorite car?

Do you have to pass on the official workshop or you can pick up your car service at the workshops are not official? There are several advantages and disadvantages of service in official workshops, among others, ensuring each vehicle imported in CBU or CKD form and sold in Indonesia through its official dealers, against damage caused by the quality, design material or production process which is less perfect with usage limits reasonable and is under warranty.

some maintenance tips for mechanical repairs such as tierod, balljoint, arm, shock absorber, replace the timing belt, and other mechanical that does not require special tools, can be done in regular workshops that are well known for his work. Go to a trusted repair shop, because there are some unofficial repair shop that can make you spend money more expensive than the formal workshop.
For electrical repair shop you can go to the official who has a sophisticated diagnostic machine so that repair does not take a long time. Replace it there because you are protected by guarantees.
For the odd problems, like the sound of buzzing, the temperature needle up and down and other weird problems, go to the authorized repair shop. Ask them to diagnose it first. If they offer expensive parts, pull your car out and repaired outside with purchase partsnya own. Authorized dealer will be happy to assist you to give info which parts must be replaced.

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    Also look into buying an extended car warranty before the manufacturer's warranty ends. An extended warranty will help keep repair costs down and will give you peace of mind that you will most likely be able to keep driving should something happen!

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