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One game is enough outbound favorite today is the game paintball. War games using paintball guns loaded in great demand by fans of outdoor activities, it could be as an alternative repellent saturation event. War games Paintball Harness popularized in America actually began in 1970, when James Hale of Daisy Manufacturing, making the first tool that throws the ball paint (paintball). At that time, Paintball Vests are used for marking (marking) cattle & tree. With a little improvisation, some people start using this tool as a means of playing at war (Paintball Gun Game) as one of the recreation on the farm.

The game is played on indoor or outdoor areas of various sizes. A playground area scattered with natural or artificial, that the player used to play strategically. Rules for playing paintball vary widely, but can include capture the flag, elimination, defending or attacking a specific point or area, or catch the interest of the hidden objects in play areas. Depending on the variant played, the game can last from seconds to hours or even days in the play scenario.

Paintball Games continues to grow and start a paintball field was opened to the public. Paintball also began to spread to European countries like Britain, France and Denmark. To distinguish between the Paintball Games and firearms, then internationally, it is called Paintball Gun as a "marker"

In 1992 formed the NPPL (National Professional Paintball League), which held NPPL Pro-Am Series in the United States. As a result, Paintball Fun Games begin categorized as a sport, not recreation anymore. With the increasingly rapid development of paintball, it forms the other tournaments such as the Millennium series, X-ball, etc.The rapid development of paintball can be felt after Game Gun Paintball began to leave its military character. Indeed, when paintball started, this activity is always in tandem with the army, camouflage clothes, and criteria other army look. The result, this activity was only followed by those burly and masculine only.

When paintball began to shift towards the sport, more and more fans Multiplayer Paintball activities. Started a lot of young people and women who began to participate because the element of "machoman" began to disappear. Paintball supplies began to use bright colors like blue, red and yellow. Art plays changed from sneaking into the army-style run and shoot. More and more paintball nice to see because it was not held in forests and woodlands bernyamuk (Paintball Games Multiplayer), but was held at the green grass bunkers combined with various shapes and colors, and easy dinonton like soccer.

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