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Basically we are living creatures, composed of trillions of cells - cells. Each cell has a series of chemical reactions and specific tasks, so take the nutrients and energy. If you are low-nutrition food consumption, work cells become sluggish and weakened immune automatic. For example, if cells lack the nutrients your day, then they are not able to process toxins efficiently (as one of the tasks liver cells) and you will feel tired. If your nerve cells lack nutrients, will make you slow to react like the lights dimmed, or if your muscle cells lack the nutrients, then you will feel weak. In such conditions, of course, our bodies are not able to fight against many diseases. So eat a fairly complete nutrition for your body's cells, the immune system increases. So the proportion of all the compounds that enter the body to be balanced, so that needed a The Diet Solution.
Because The Diet Solution , we learn to improve our diet to be healthier and our lifestyles become more active. With the help of this cell nutrients, will make your efforts to change your eating patterns become increasingly easy and effective. By consuming nutrients these cells for 2-3 months, your body will create an "alarm" the body, this alarm system is formed from the hormones and enzymes in your body. If you comply with the "alarm" to your body, then your weight will stay under control and keep your fat in the normal range. "Alarm" this body will help you in controlling your diet, the signs carry the instructions for your healthy lifestyle every day. This method is the right target, control your mouth, control your hormones, control your appetite. The result will be more permanent and nourish your body.

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