Trends in Mobile Marketing

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Non-physical method of payment may indeed have been a lot of people regarded as the most secure payment methods and practical, so it is not surprising that the types of payment methods is increasingly growing popularity. Starting from the payment via Credit Card, Deposit, Cheque and Debit Cards, and continues to grow, so now through any mobile phone payments can be made.

Actually the idea of mobile marketing is not new in the world, we still remember one of the innovations made in Dutch supermarkets that implement online payment system based mobile phones in early October last year, using NFC technology (Near Field Communications) that supports data exchange service, including in close proximity, such as the payment was shopping at the supermarket. This becomes trends in mobile marketing in the world of marketing is regarded as a business opportunity by the major telecommunications companies.

However, for Indonesia, although the technology used is slightly different, non-physical payments using mobile phones remain a novelty, even arguably the first time in Indonesia. Payment service from Telkomsel is called T-Cash, which is short for Telkomsel Cash. Cash Telkomsel allows customers to use his mobile phone (MSISDN) engaged in transactions such as purchases, payments, and so forth. One other practical advantages of this service is that customers do not need to carry cash to make purchases.

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